A Word From Our Executive Director

Dear friend,

From an early eage, God gave me a desire to be involved with horses. I grew up on a horse and riding has always been a part of my life. At some point along the way, God asked me to use my knowledge of riding as a tool to introduce teens to Christ.

As a result of this call, God has worked many wonderful results. One girl that came to ride on a regular basis was not interested in any of the other YFC activities. She didn't want to roller skate, go to the weekly clubs, or any of the bonfires. But she would ride. God used her desire and interest in horses to reach her heart. After coming to ride for some time, she committed her life to Jesus Christ as her Savior. She continues to walk with Him.

One of the most important aspects that we focus on at YFC is relationship building. Once they understand that we love them, they share their story with us, then we can share our story with them, which leads to God's story. We call this the 3 Story Approach. We continue to see kids come to know the Lord through the relationships that are built at the different programs at Youth for Christ.

I hope you will enjoy discovering all the things we are doing and the different programs we are running at YFC to reach lost kids. The variety of activities and programs sparks the interest of a variety of different teens; from those who are interested in biking to baking, from dodgeball to horseback riding.

Thank you for your interest in YFC and if you ever want to stop by the Davidson farm and see the teens ride, you are welcome to come.

For Him,
Dorothy Davidson